• Large Glue Kit
  • Large Glue Kit
  • Large Glue Kit

Large Glue Kit

52pc Large Glue Kit

Out of stock

52 pieces + Carrying Case.

This large glue kit gives you all the necessary tools to perform a glue based dent repair. The slide hammer gives a different type of pull than the mini lifter.

The selection of glue is a good amount to figure out which glue is right for which cars, weather etc.

The selection of glue tab brands and sizes will allow you to see how each works differently on different types of dents or areas of the car.

The 12v glue gun is for use with a cigarette lighter adapter in your car, or with an alligator clip adapter and your own battery.

The parts in this kit have a combined MSRP of $384.80 not including the carrying case. Our kit price of $349.95 is 9% discount + a free carrying case.

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