Interchangeable Tips

Interchangeable tips are for use with our interchangeable tip rods,  knockdowns and knockdowns hammers. Being able to change out tips quickly and adjust the way a tool works on the damaged area make today’s paintless dent repair technicians more efficient than ever while also cutting down on the number of tools required for repair.

3/8'' Interchangeable tips CLICK HERE.

  • Style of Tip
    B - Bullet tip H - Hail R - Round M - Mushroom E - Extension
    Working diameter is the diameter at the working area of the tip, expressed in sixteenths of an inch.
    P - Plastic version R - Steel coated in hard red PVC B - Steel coated in soft blue PVC Unmarked is tempered steel
    • Shape
    • Diameter
    • Material
    • B H R M
    • 12 24 8 32
    •   - - -
    •   P R B
Bullet Tip Bullet Tip 41 Items
Mushroom Mushroom 25 Items
Hail 35 Items
Round 28 Items
Extension 3 Items
Polished 8 Items