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Tolecut - Sand Paper for Paintless Dent Repair

Tolecut sand paper by Kovax has become the preferred sandpaper by Paintless Dent Repair professionals. Since we’ve started selling Tolecut it has overtaken other sanding products we’ve sold for years.

Tolecut Product Range

We offer the Tolecut sand paper in the Green, Pink and Black varieties along with the Toleblock. 

To use simply take a sheet out of the box and remove one fo the eight rectangle pads and place it on a Toleblock.

Tolecut on Toleblock
Each box has 25 sheets of sandpaper and each sheet has 8 squares.
Tolecut Black Sandpaper - for Paintless Dent Repair
You can watch the video from the manufacturer below for more information.

Thanks for your interest in Tolecut and Dentcraft Tools - if you have any questions please contact us.