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Keco K Beam - Bridge Lifter

If you’ve ever tried to save a door from total replacement - or pushed to paint a heavily damaged panel you know it takes a lot of time. The Keco K-Beam Bridge Lifter is designed specifically for large damage.

Adjustable To The Max: Keco K beam adjusts along the full width of the beam so you can place the feet just outside the damaged area. The feet swivel a full 360 degrees to allow you to place them according the bracing under panel for maximum support.

Quick Knob - You can fine tune the pressure applied to the damaged area using your hand - or apply a drill to the bolt in the knob handle to quickly get some metal moving.

Check out this video below - to see some amazing repairs and work done by Jonathan

In this video Jonathan repairs a huge dent with a semi-pinched raised brow on the upper half of the panel. He uses centipedes and the K Beam Bridge Lifter to re establish a body line. On the 3:15 mark in the video you can see how he uses a hammer and slapping dolly to knock down the eyebrows while the Keco K Beam is still applying pressure to the damaged area, this action releases some of the built in pressure of the dent and will help the metal retain its repaired shape.

To put it simply - The Keco K Beam is a panel saver.