Dentcraft + Dent Gear

Dentcraft Tools is pleased to announce that we have acquired Dent Gear branding, intellectual property, and the right to manufacture and sell Dent Gear tools. Dentcraft Tools will be starting the process of manufacturing a select number of Dent Gear tools and will eventually offer them as a separate line of tools on the website.

Dent Gear tools made by Dentcraft will be marked with Dent Gear by Dentcraft Tools on the shaft of the tools. This will clarify that the tool was manufactured by Dentcraft Tools and will carry the warranty backed by Dentcraft.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When can I buy Dent Gear tools again?
A: We will post on social media and on our website when Dent Gear tools become available.

Q: Why can’t Dentcraft Tools fix the issue I had with Dent Gear before they bought them?
A: Dentcraft Tools purchased the rights to make Dent Gear tools; we did not “take over” the company.  We will manufacture tools designed by Dent Gear, hopefully rebuild the brand, and get some of the tools Dent Gear customers loved back in their hands.

Q: Will Dentcraft warranty old Dent Gear tools?
A: No, we are not able to warranty tools we did not make.  Only tools made by Dentcraft Tools will carry the Dentcraft Tools warranty

We hope to bring Dent Gear’s unique line of tools back to the market and we look forward to providing the customer service you’ve come to expect from Dentcraft Tools.

Update: We're now offering Dent Gear New Old Stock.