Dent Gear Tools

Dentcraft Tools is pleased to announce that we are offering up ‘new-old stock’ from our acquisition of Dent Gear tools. This is a unique opportunity to get your hands on the last remaining DG tools manufactured by DG before the acquisition. These tools have been discounted and will not have a warranty. All sales are final.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is new-old stock?

A: Old new stock is the inventory from the acquisition of Dentgear that was manufactured by the previous owner.

Q: Why do these tools not have a warranty?

A: We cannot offer a warranty on tools we did not manufacture.

Q: Can I backorder these tools?

A: No. We have limited quantities.

In the future Dentcraft will manufacture a Dent Gear line of tools. We’ll announce this on our website and social media. When Dentcraft releases the line of Dent Gear tools made by us they come with a warranty.

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  1. Wire Tool - 3/16'' x 12'' - T handle - 45dg Flag
    Wire Tool - 3/16'' x 12'' - T handle - 45dg Flag