black plague pdr glue tabs

Black Plague Smooth PDR Glue Tabs

Black Plague pdr glue tabs were started by Keith Cosentino, a paintless dent repair technician when he noticed that many pdr techs were starting to take on larger and larger dent repairs. One of the hardest repairs are crease dents. These were usually sharp and long dents. The traditional way using a tool involved many hours of pushing. Even with the new technique of using pdr glue tabs that was becoming popular at the time - you would line up many circle tabs along the crease and then pull them. Most of the time ending up with a series of high and low spots where each of the glue tabs were placed.

Black Plague came out with their first product the crease tabs. These are pdr glue tabs specifically meant for crease dents. They were longer and pulled a larger area of the crease up in one motion.

Later Black Plague decided to improve standard sized paintless dent repair glue tabs. Releasing the black smooth pdr glue tabs with huge success a while later. Before the smooth series came out most tabs had intricate designs on the working face. Most believed this gave them that much more surface area for adhesion. Contrary to that trend - Black plague's new smooth series and later the heavy duty Gang Green smooth series have proved to be some of the best and strongest glue tabs on the market.

The black plague original smooth series pdr glue tabs.
The newest black plague gang green series pdr glue tabs.

We sell many various types of glue tabs for paintless dent repair. Most techs each have their own opinion on their favorite. The best way to find out the best for your application is to try them all and see which ones work best for you. You might even find that you'll like each different brand and type of tab for specific dent repair situations.